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A self discovery tool in the form of a mirror. The genius of this concept is within its ability to reach an individual at any stage of life they are in by design. And that design isn't one that is told, rather it is discovered by you. A IV part journey designed to be explored multiple times, acting as a place to apply, observe, and sync with our own authentic self.


My name is Michael. In 2018 I had a tough year. Relationships, my identity, people around me, were all falling apart on me. I explain it, as the crucial point in your life where the castle you've built around you comes crashing down in order to grow. A domino effect was initiated from these ruins. What started as a way to endure the pain, led to the discovery of an unlimited purpose that everyone possess, the ability to "give"(not physical things but your time, presence, perspective act)... and finally into a deeper understanding of what these 3 words have been trying to teach me. From external pain to external growth to finally an internal return. I try not to be known as the owner, creator, or person behind you before me. Rather I look at myself as its first test subject. As I embarked on this journey, I subconsciously kept notes of what was happening before my eyes and expressed this through art and t-shirt design. I knew something special was happening along the way but had to be patient and let it find its own way out.  Learning to trust the organic process has been nothing short of challenging. Going beyond the compressive state of YBM. is the challenge. IV sayings that I had attached to this concept found their way to the surface by ways I can't really explain. It was as if I was trying to teach myself and learning what it was I was meaning to teach myself simultaneously. Through this self discovery I found a deep connection and trust to a part of me. My goal from the beginning was to help others build the same relationship with themselves. But I've learned that the most impactful way to help others is to help yourself. You move, consume, interact with the world differently when you are on a quest of balance and authenticity. Nevertheless I found fairness and excitement to this human experience. And that is the opportunity to build a character in the first part of your life, to then shed it and learn from this process about the authentic "you". YOUBEFOREME. is a tool. A mirror. And a journey to simply be you. There is infinite knowledge and help in the world. Knowledge that is stored within your soul already. I hope this creates a place to bring all of the wonderful things the world offers both easy and difficult, and have a place to integrate, observe, and sync with them through your story. You and your perspective, energy, and presence are a gift to everything around you and by connecting to yourself, you connect to everything around you. 

Through the mirror we go. 

Up and out the rabbit hole.


Integration into communities, schools, teams, as a way of finding ones purpose, authenticity, and presence while learning the task of balance during our human experience. This is not a group. Not a singular belief. Not a singular message. 

The "message" is simple...

It's just you.

Your journey into the mirror voyage.

Syncing with you.

Meet The Team

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