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Feb 17, 2019

This was never just about representing the surface idea of kindness or selflessness. In a way this is a rebellion. To our culture to our media to our fashion to our thought process to everything. Its a stand. Its very make is built off going against the grain and involving everyone. It’s taking the self and the ego completely out of the picture which challenges everything we think we know. Success, love, appreciation, purpose, pain, beauty. There is no ceiling, no conditions, no targeted audience, no specifications, no time frame, no religion, no single representation to this. It embodies everything. This provokes change by reaching out to everyone in a way each can continuously hear different aspects of it and develop that uniquely into their own life as well as a tool to challenge us to see more by taking away all the bullshit. I’m trying to step outside the box with this “brand”, “movement” or whatever you choose to label it as. No one knows what youbeforeme means because it doesn’t mean just one thing. It will always remain a mystery. And it won’t fix your problems. It will help you see them differently. If you plug it into your equation you’ll begin to see its not solutions that surface, its truth and feeling. It’s something for everyone to use differently and attainable for anyone to use to feel a sense of belonging... even in a world and culture that feeds off the thoughts that we don’t. You have a choice in life. And that choice is what things you decide to use to develop yourself. Don’t let those things have ceilings. Don't rob yourself by allowing the world to choose for you and tell you what happiness, love, and success is. Become more by becoming less.

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