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I didn't want to become a product of a situation I was in and continue that cycle. The more I learned that, the more and more I saw other aspects of myself that mirrored society that I did not like. I didn’t want to be another person who pretends they are carefree when they are careless, pretends that their motivation and idea of success is more than just a society that glorifies recognition and self fulfillment by measures of money and followers, and pretends that we are enlightened when we are unknowingly toxic. I didn’t want to hide behind a religion for comforts sake, I didn't want to blame any higher power for negatives or pretend that my luck of fitting different society advantages were "blessings". I wanted conditions and logic to be nothing but words. Truth is I wanted to do everything I could to never cause someone else pain as a result of someone causing myself pain. The way that this had impacted my life taught me how significant each of our presence is to one another, and how we've truly lost touch of the idea that we are responsible for people around us. The way we act, our decisions, and our actions impact one another on a level deeper than we know. My personal and initial reason for creating YBM was to create path on my own through a concept I feel we misunderstand. I began looking for answers within, not in a book, not through a video, not through the experience or perspective of another individual entirely, not through anything exterior. I started back at ground zero, took a look in mirror, and began a long route with just me. I unlearned what I pretended I knew. I started teaching myself, holding myself accountable, calling myself out, acknowledging myself for my ability to understand my own pain, not by my egos ability to ignore it or manipulate it. I allowed my soul to surface. And I’ve just wanted to share that opportunity with people. Anyone who wants to truly know why I started this thing... it’s cause I didn’t want to be like the rest of the world pretending anymore. For whatever reason this gave me that seed to plant within myself, and I’ve tried to make it something that is available for anyone to create and discover themselves and their own path with. 

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