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It takes a “nobody”. A person who’s willing to make their personal goal from the beginning to help create a bigger uncommon purpose. Whether that be within their family or team or office. Not for a trophy, status, label, championship ring, not for a dollar, and not for themselves or even their “own”. We’ve emphasized one way to inspire. And it’s very one dimensional. Get to the top then give back. The problem is to get to the top we’ve created a very selfish driven path and that’s what your teaching. It’s ironic how we do the very thing we preach against. We give back once we are able to and then things seem as they should be. The difference between the man who has a dime and gives it to the boy asking for change, and the millionaire who gives the boy a 10 dollar bill is everything. When’s the athlete going to say they’ll play for free to bring soul back to sports and spark another form of inspiration for kids, instead of giving into a culture that glorifies entertainment and the dollar made by it. We can always do better. And I feel we’ve gotten comfortable pretending we are something we aren’t. Our athletes, our leaders, everyone. We’ve all pretended. And I’m gonna call you out for it. Who I am? I am nobody.

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