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The easiest thing for a human being to do, is take an idea, an awareness, a realization, a religion and aim or focus it on others and preach it towards someone or something. We've become so good at this. Creating personal narratives, images, and actually believing that it's who we are. YBM is one of the few things that has kept me from deceiving myself, from falsely placing myself above others, from creating a "chosen one" or "icon" type narrative after only comprehending such things as selflessness, love, hope, pain, etc. I found a part of me that held myself accountable and learned to form a relationship with it. Whenever I needed advice I would ask this part of me and I always remember the answer being not what I wanted to hear but honest. People ask for advice all the time. "Is this the right job, the right partner, the right decision"?. I think this creates a disconnect from themselves. How do we learn to trust ourselves if we place so much emphasis on someone else opinion. Another persons perspective is great to hear and learn from, but at what point does it become what we rely on to make decisions to what we believe. Take everything you aspire to be externally and let that begin to shape yourself internally. Allow you, your soul, to grab the wheel. Cause your ego pretends it knows what happiness is. Thats not you. This is a personal journey. Not everything you hear should sound like the truth.

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