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IV concepts 

The IV parts of the mirror are simply organizational road signs. There is no linear order to travel. You step through the mirror, and these concepts are for you to organize, record, express, and create your story from your journey and your own learnings of yourself. 

I/IV "the initial detachment"

Only ego wants to get rid of ego. In this concept we learn to observe, study, and accept our ego. Become more by becoming "less", or Quadrant I/IV, is arguably the most important quadrant of the mirror. While these IV concepts are not in a fixed order, we find a common starting ground with our neighbors when it comes to why this concept stands as the initial detachment and what it embodies. In this stage, you have your first observational meeting with yourself. It is a removal of the many things we hold onto for comfort and external validation. Acknowledgment, acceptance, and removal are the key components to this quadrant.

II/IV "the struggle, search, & discovery"

In quadrant II/IV you stand in a storm of your emotions. If you've found the courage to detach from various aspects of your life, you accept and welcome a certain struggle to occur. In doing so you willingly accept being lost, isolated, possibly outcasted, and in between living through the perspectives of the other(external world/society) and of a more whole version of yourself. Your detachments cause your need for external needs to lessen. Whoever cannot find love within, seeks love from others. Once you accept this, all seeking stops. There is nothing to be found outside. Only pain. And that is precisely what the pain is trying to teach us. To look within. 

Our pain is our greatest ally and teacher. Even though we despise our pain it remains our most honorable friend. The dark inside of us is directly correlated with our light. We learn through the harmony of their connection. In our darkest of times we find our potential and strength. Darkness is the home of light. Life began in the dark, roots nourish from the depths. Changing the perception of darkness and the isolation it brings will be "the struggle."It is an unpopular opinion to accept both sides in a loving manner. The "search" will be looking deeply inward to areas we haven't explored and may have even ignored.. In the process of observing all aspects of you, you will "discover" your shadow. That part of you which is another vital key to unlocking yourself.

III/IV "the connection"

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. The greatest illusion in this life is separation. Concept III/IV is the discovery of energy and the relationship we share with all things around us. Nature, food, water, animals, elements. We can't shrive without oxygen, food, and water. All of which come from the external environment, therefore we are apart of our environment. There is no separation between us and nature. We are it. Observe nature to understand yourself. You are connected and share energy with everything. Connect to nature with harmony and those around you with kindness and compassion.

IV/IV "the Alignment"

Quadrant IV/IV is the awarenesses of being far greater than our taught sense of self. This portion of you (33.3) is in full alignment with ones authentic divine self. But it is not a permanent product of self work. Rather it lives within moments of time and space. Meaning you don't reach a "complete enlightened state" where you cross the finish line of spirituality. Rather, through this mirror voyage, you give this version of you more and more moments to surface, breathe and create. Some call it the higher self, divine self, universe, god within, etc. Any way you choose to depict it is unique to your story. So what does "-I am nobody" mean? This concept may be the greatest teacher within the mirror voyage. A "nobody" is a negative depiction of someone failing the systematic checkpoints of life...(birth, school, job, marriage, business pro, pro athlete, income, wealth, legacy, etc.) In order to become an "authentic you", it is required that your primary focus isn't on establishing a successful character in the game of life and its checkpoints and measurements. The prerequisites for a mind of a "successful person" is to "follow". And all that does is inspires others to mimic. This version of success is generated from a place of disconnect because in every success story the goal is becoming wealthy or widely known. It's base value is always a measurement. Therefor we learn that external success is shallow and doesn't impact. What is inner success? True success? Authentic success? Alignment. Yes, your alignment internally can create external success but at that point the success will be inspiring others to align, and not mimic. Therefor, if we are indeed successful internally, we won't see it, we will feel it. All around us through the energy of us and others. That is how you change the world.

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